Affluence and Abundance

I invite you to step into that feeling right now, the sensation of affluence and abundance. Think. Behave. Believe. This is enough. You are enough. There is power in that and beauty. These thoughts do not come easy, in the outside world. But we are no longer in the outside world, you are here, welcome. Take a breath and let’s begin. 

The very nature of those terms, Affluence and Abundance, implies safety. It implies insulation from challenges and support in times of difficulty. In our perfect world, there are still difficulties, moments of defeat and disappointment, the difference is that in this community we do no trust in the fall. We do not belabor the details of the fall. And we do no harbor blame or resentment to the cause or our suspicions of what let to the fall. We accept that we have fallen and get up. The balm of action is what soothes us, is what gives us the courage and the power to move forward. Instead of lingering over the past or attempting to seek out someone or something to blame we are here, we are present and we prepare ourselves to move forward.

I read, and forgive me I do not remember where (If you know, please remind me and I will update this post), that if something bothers you after 24 hours act on it within 48 hours. It will change your life. As an active over-thinker and ruminator, this simple wisdom has been transformative.

We have all read that to move fast and make mistakes is the guidance of silicone valley, but so many of us then reflect on reports of our comments being in the public domain forevermore for judgement and critique. However, what if instead of framing our decisions based on the negative, “What ifs,” we framed our choices around the positives. As Nelson Mandela said, “May your choices reflect your hopes and not your fears. Well that, dear ones is my hope for you. That your choices be bold, beautiful, and come from the very soul of you. 

Let us choose to live in affluence and abundance, the idea that we have enough, we are enough, and see what a difference that makes in our decisions. If you already have enough and are enough, what is there left to do? For me, my whole room looks different.

What is left, is exactly what I want to do! What I do as a gift to myself and not a a burden or obligation, but what sweet generosities do I wish to bestow on myself and my family? It takes the sting and drudgery out of organizing my art supplies. And perhaps, I will begin with a cup of tea since that brings me happiness and joy. That’s where I’m going to start. How about you? What brings you joy? What gift of abundance and affluence have you given yourself before you begin a new day or a new project? I’m always open to delightful ideas!

And lest you be misled and think me bold for whipping these up, please note the “just add water,” on the package. As Ina Garten would say, “If you don’t have fresh, store bought is fine.” And these scones are delightful, delicious, and store bought!

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