Finding Reasons to Get Up in the Morning

I took a couple weeks over the holidays off from work, my initial goal was to get bored. But on day two I found myself uninspired to get out of bed. Which in my personal opinion is not a sign that I am doing what is healthy for myself. My revised goal is at some point during the day to write down five items I hope to accomplish in the following day. Nothing aggressive, like world peace, but five small things I can do to give myself purpose and a reason to get up.

My strategy is as follows: 

  1. One item that requires I get dressed and showered. Ideally, one outing where I see a friend for a socially distant outdoor visit. Even if it is a brief delivery in the garage, anything that requires I leave my home and dress appropriately gives me something to look forward to and prepare for by getting ready.
  2. A shared activity for my family. It may be baking cookies, a zoom date with the grandparents, or building a snowman but some project that includes all of us.
  3. Something productive – writing this blog for instance or posting something to social media. Returning an email or organizing a drawer. Any item that feels amazing once it is complete.
  4. A meal I am excited to prepare, possibly an old recipe or a new one I have yet to try. (Cocktail recipes count!) This is also helpful as it produces left-overs and saves me the trouble of figuring out lunch the following day… maybe not the cocktails, we never seem to have any leftovers of those. Do you?
  5. One activity that is all about me and caring for myself. This includes reading a book, watching whatever show I am currently into (Downton Abbey – no spoilers!), or adding a mask to my usual skincare routine. 

These aren’t large steps but I’m seeing now that I want to include something done for another person, doing something alone with my partner, and yet, this means the list is working because by adding those ideas I am already finding additional goals and purpose. I am finding my reasons to wake up – both literally and figuratively to my priorities.

What are you doing to stay motivated? What’s getting you up and out of bed each morning? These days can be Groundhog Days and if we’re not careful we fall into a slump and as Dr. Seuss reminds us, “Unslumping yourself is not easily done.”

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