Farewell 2020

It’s the dawn of a New Year and I am grateful. I think we’re all grateful to have made it through 2020 and to be able to move on to a new year. As Anne of Green Gables would say, a day “with no mistakes in it yet.” Where usually New Years feels like a bittersweet holiday, bathed in fond memories and champagne soaked hopes for what is to come. This year feels like the end of a gauntlet. Those of us able to celebrate are a fortunate few and even smaller is the circle of those of us given the opportunity to carry our health and happiness into a new year.

This year rather than focusing on where we are going so many of us are thinking of what we have endured and overcome to get here. In conversations with friends I have noticed the temptation to hedge toward negativity as each of us is touched by disease and loss. Or as we measure our words to be sure we are not offending or doing harm to those who are suffering or impacted more severely by the disease in our midst. And really, this is a gift. Where before our bluster and busy made no room for kindness or consideration now all of our emails include, “I hope this finds you well,” or “I hope you and yours are healthy and safe.” Phrases that hit a lot like empty “Thoughts and Prayers,” if they are not backed by sincerity. And really, that is a gift that COVID has given each of us, sincerity. We mean what we say. We care that our coworkers, friends, and neighbors and their loved ones are healthy and happy.

And maybe there are those of us who valued and appreciated the health and wellbeing of others all along, I only hope they welcome those of us who have not always been so considerate into their ranks. 

I deliberately make gratitude a daily practice in my life and this year has been no exception. My hopes for the year to come have not been tempered by tragedy or limited by circumstance. If anything, my expectations are higher, my dreams larger, and my vision flooded with goals and opportunities. This year as we press forward, carrying our wounded and battered hearts, I am grateful for sincere good wishes and that we have one more year to make an effort to be more whole, helpful, and engaged with those we love in our lives. May you and yours be happy, healthy, and safe. Love you. Mean it.

Auld Lange Syne playing on a loop.

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