Gratitude in 2021 – Technology

Let’s talk about gratitude. I am a firm believer in Positive Psychology research and the many proven benefits to practicing gratitude each day. I begin my days with three things I’m grateful for just to get ready for the day. Let’s do them here, I’m grateful to be able to write and share my ideas, I’m grateful you’re reading my words, and grateful that we are both lucky enough to exist in this time and space together. Aren’t we lucky? 

The thing is that I feel lucky every day and I wanted to share with you some of the things that make me feel fortunate and blessed. Now, I started this post with the idea that I would talk about all of the things that bring me joy but as I’ve written I’ve found that I could write a book on that so let’s start with one area, technology.

Marco Polo – I have reconnected with old friends and family, spending time with “my people,” in a way I haven’t done since adolescence – though with more healthy boundaries and mutual respect. Where before my time was consumed with acquaintances and those people I only saw in passing, now my time with friends is intentional. I am finding real connection with people who inspire me and nourish my spirit. This video app has made possible the rekindling of relationships that spark innovation and bring me back in touch with my deepest and truest values. It is a gift.

Zoom – I come from a large extended family and in early 2020 we circled the wagons via Zoom. Every person who had something to share brought their gifts and talents to the table. We learned how to make mask filters to replicate N-95 masks with shammy cloths. A cousin who had a pattern, made masks and shipped them across the county. We compared notes on travel and safety guidelines with those in the airline industry. We discussed medical protocols and infection rates with those in the medical field. Through this network we know what is happening on college campuses across the country, in hospitals, airports, on the roads, and in our schools, and libraries. We discuss impacts on employment for government and private business. We have rebuilt bridges and family bonds as never before. We still meet every Sunday at 2pm and I am truly grateful.

Prime – Prompt package delivery and entertainment. Amazon has given me the opportunity to focus on re-investment in what I want instead of what is, “popular.” I’m also able to watch shows using our Prime account and I must say that Amy Poehler and Donald Glover are helping me to stay cozy and relaxed before bed rather than watching the news or scrolling, which both drain my energy and leave me too wired for rest.

Instacart – My first purchase was at Costco… and Aldi. Even before the pandemic began we were ordering our groceries from the grocery store. Letting grocers fill our trunk with delicious foods while protecting ourselves and those out in the stores by staying home. The added benefit of Instacart and the variety of shops I am able to access by using the site, keeps me home and saves me time. That one Costco trip saved me three hours of time and in being able to tip those people willing and able to shop on my behalf feels as if I am doing something to help others.

I think it just feels good to know we have these tools that we can use to help keep more people safe. I like that entering this second year of the pandemic we have so many tools available to make staying home convenient and comfortable. These tools were not all in my kit when the pandemic began but as we have all adjusted they have given me a sense of comfort at a time when the world feels less than comfortable. 

What new tools and technology have you picked up to stay home and stay safe? What good ideas am I missing? 

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