Back to School

We are heading into the new school year and the time is coming for new routines. This includes family breakfast, homework, and packed schedules. I have always loved the fall and its new beginnings. This annual renewal coincides with our new home and it feels right. It feels so good to have this opportunity to build something different, to craft a fresh agenda, to create a list of our goals, meal plans, and strategies for the months to come. It’s exciting to be in our home and building something vibrant and different. This time just feels holy and alive with possibility. 

As I anticipate the future I like to remind myself of the basics, the tools I need and use to keep myself in the best and healthiest frame of mind. There’s a lot of big regular stuff I do to stay grounded. I have found that what helps me function in a busier environment is taking care of myself and making time for the things that are important to my daily health first. 

  1. Quiet time for reflection and work. 
  2. Meditation and eating well. 
  3. Getting enough rest.
  4. Drinking enough water, and 
  5. Giving myself the things I need to feel good – comfy clothes, a safe environment, and healthy boundaries with others.

The joy of crafting meal plans and adding new adventures to our schedules is drenched in anticipation. We get to pick and choose what we devote our time and energy to attaining. I am so grateful to have this opportunity to build something new. I am also grateful to be coming to this fall with a deeper sense of self and self-awareness. Using the guiding principles above, I hope to keep myself healthy and strong so that I don’t get distracted from my own goals or overwhelmed by the annual pick-up in activities.

I do not know what this fall will bring but I am sure that it carries joy, opportunity, and laughter with it. We are ready for what comes next – and I do not mean that we are organized or our boxes are unpacked. What I mean is that we will be be able to build and create something great out of the materials we have now. I know that we can do it. I know that you will join me and I am excited to see where this fall takes us. What are some of your goals for the new school year? What are some of the fall delights that you look forward to enjoying? Does this time feel sacred to you too?

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