I recently took an unexpected day off. No plans, no agenda. It was glorious. I went to yoga, picked up the dry cleaning, and returned library books. Ate lunch on the porch with the dog napping at my feet. I painted and wrote and gave myself space to play. That joyful freedom is exactly the energy that AWritten is all about – unexpected serendipity. Savoring what we have rather than focusing on what we want.

The purpose of this site is to inspire us all to reflect, engage, and live wholeheartedly. It includes tools and steps to thrive in the midst of chaos. As well as artwork to delight your eyes and enhance your living space. There are reading recommendations from our Bookshop, Catherine’s Books. There are recipes and spa reviews because living well is just part of a full and rich life. Books to read and expand our imaginations. We all deserve to feel well loved, most of all from ourselves. It is with this in mind I share some of my favorite strategies to make every day feel special.

Life is not made up of the highlight days. The days when we get a big job offer, graduate, or even our birthdays are few. Life is a million small moments. Many of which are spent of emptying the dishwasher, folding socks, and trying to remember if we have all the ingredients for dinner. If we spend those typical days overly fixated on our next goal or our future plans, we can loose sight of the regular magic that makes life beautiful. In short, by missing the joy in small things we miss the beauty of life.

Awritten.com is all about embracing the magic of everyday life. And sharing some of the joy that makes our lives a little brighter. There are always big and exciting days to look forward to but making the everyday a little sweeter is something we all can do to treat ourselves, and the people we love, with kindness. These pages are my love letter to you. I hope you read them and feel all the warmth of socks in winter, the comfort of butter melting on your baked potatoes, the joy of sunshine on your face and wind in your hair. I hope you feel it all.

Please join us and consider this your invitation to begin living a wholehearted life. Whether you stay for a while or just pop by for a visit – we are so glad you’re here.