Letting Go of Control to Accept More

We’re preparing for showings of our home, putting out hand sanitizer and shoe covers. Dusting and scrubbing all the nooks and crannies we may have missed in our first purge before the photographer came through. I am downsizing my closet and clearing out anything that makes our house look a little too full. Just because we’re ready for more room doesn’t mean the house has to look like it!

The process of trying to clean everything has been a gift, it has helped me to realize that when I am clinging tightly to the small things my hands are too full to accept the larger blessings and good fortune the universe wants to give me next. I don’t love this lesson but I’m learning it.

Therefore, I am intentionally making a point to only do the next right thing. This often means something small, organizing a drawer or dusting off the dresser so that I feel like I have done my work. In letting go of my attempts to control the results I free myself. Not only do I feel lighter but it leaves my palms open, ready to catch whatever comes next.

The housing market is wild in the mid-west and, from what I read, all over the country. If I focus my energy on clinging to what we have, I’ll never be ready to catch the good things coming my way. And I want to be able to accept the goodness the universe has prepared for me with open hands. I do not want to be so fixated on controlling every small thing that I have no room left to grab something big. It occurs to me that we do this a lot. Hoping for more while desperately clinging to the things we have – what if we just let go?