Spring Appreciation

Today I am deep in appreciation, that firm life sustaining roundedness that yes, makes me grateful, but also makes me present here in this moment. Spring is just filling me with hope and promise that is satisfying and uplifting on a very real and primal level. Right now we are all lotus blossoms that have waited patiently, for hundreds of years. Not to say that there still aren’t challenges, or to belittle the collective loss, suffering, isolation, and angst – those feelings are still valid and real. Yet, now, the sun is shining. Birds are singing. Frogs making their guttural croaks that vibrate their very bodies. 

There is a breeze and it is gentle and cool. There are flowers by my bedside and crocuses in the yard. There is just this deep, affirming sensation of wellness and promise that in the coming days more of us will be well. 

The past year has been so hard and if we’re being honest the three years that led up to it as well, but here we are in this moment. This may be the other side and I am intensely, passionately grateful to be here. I did not know how this journey would go, if we would really make it. And I am filled with love.

I feel peaceful and present and bold. My mere survival to this point an act of defiance and delight. There are many who cannot say the same. And in that knowledge I just want to rest. That awareness and gentle gratitude for all we have learned, the sacrifices made, the hope we hold in our hearts for the future. 

The shape of what is to come is still undefined, we only know that it will look little like our past. What it will contain is the multitude of blessings we have found meaningful in this time of social distancing and conscientious isolation. For me it means quality time with family, it means more time alone, more herbal tea, meditation, and long walks. You’ll have to tell me what it means to you. 

Whatever shape your future takes I hope you join me in a collective sigh of relief. We’ve made it this far. We made it to today, this was not guaranteed and so let us savor it now that it is ours. We are all so fortunate to be here. What light. What love. What joy.