Lemonade from Lemons

Friends, I did a thing.

Back when Covid was beginning this summer I met a friend on her back porch for some much needed soul refreshment. We sat outside under twinkle lights as the stars came out and her quiet little neighborhood went to sleep. Children already in bed, and capable husbands on duty, we shared cocktails and conversation until late in the night. It was everything I had hoped it might be until there was a record scratch moment, one of those small social faux pas we all make that made me suck my teeth and fight the urge to make my own catty comments about her choices.

Here’s what happened, my dear friend noticed I had paint on my pants and commented in a well meaning way about how I have so many, “hobbies.” And that was the word, the expression that made me adjust my position, put down my drink, and cross my arms.

To be fair, I have a lot of interests. I paint, write, dance, ski, and honestly this list goes on but you get the idea! I firmly believe that one creative exploit encourages and begets another. I am always on the lookout for inspiration and meaning in this world, hence the title of this blog. And so her comment was reasonable but as an artist I consider my creative activities my real work. It is my passion, my purpose, not something to keep my hands busy while my stories are on television.

The thing is I felt insulted and hurt but instead of using my powers for evil… I’m not perfect, I said some things… I channeled my energy towards something good. The next day there was a call for entries to a juried art show in my inbox and I submitted three pieces. I have never done this in my life, but as they say, hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

Last week I found out my piece was accepted and will be shown. Fingers crossed it inspires someone else and sells. Which means I owe my friend an explanation and a thank you because without that little nudge I never would have submitted my work. And because of that rage and passion I had the courage to put my work out into the world.

Has this every happened to you? Has something wonderful come out of something not so great? I hope so!