Genius, Inspiration, and What We Already Know

The energy of life is so simple. When I am doing the things I dislike I feel drawn into anxiety, pain, discomfort. When I am living in the present moment and engaged in the joyful work I was put on this earth to do life is dreamlike, simple, and fresh. I do not notice the grey day that hours ago oppressed me. I only see the light shining through the clouds and tangling with the mist to make bright reflective pools on the children’s play structure. 

I took a call and now my energy is different. I was in a state of peaceful meditation, and dare I say, wisdom. Oh that seems so pompous and reeking of self-importance. Still, I believe it. I believe it because I don’t believe it is me. I believe it is the energy of my genius. A divine spark, magical inspiration, a muse that longs to express itself and share the knowledge of the ages that it holds. 

Therefore, I do not say wisdom as if it is a quality that I myself possess. Instead the wisdom I share stems from my connection to the universal that lives within us all. As I stare out the window watching the rain and wondering why I was placed exactly where I am in this mosaic, I feel both lost and intimately found. The quilt of life is so generously constructed. It hold us all together when just as easily we could have been born a spark of a star being sucked into a black hole or the glimmer of light a star ejects as it burns. That colossal spark that makes me me and you you. What are we if not energy, if not our very purpose? Could we be more than that? Are we not all engaged in a dance to which our minds and bodies already know the steps without our coaxing. 

We battle daily to distract and numb our energy failing to break through but as days dwindle we still find ourselves lying awake at night wondering, why am I here? Why me? What purpose am I to fulfill? We wonder and yet we already know. Steve Jobs spoke to this at a commencement address in 2005 at Stanford, “…have the courage to follow you heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.” What is there inside of you that you already know? What light is waiting to be allowed to shine through you and into the world?