Happy New Year, Diwali Squirrels

On Saturday mornings I go to the woods… well actually it’s a cemetery, but there are woods surrounding it. This counts, in my book. Today the woods are quiet, the past few weeks the wind and trees were raining leaves and sounds through the world. Today only a few hardy leaves drift down to the tree floor carpeted in natural debris. Tree trunks rise up like skeletons, bones deprived of beauty and ornamentation… one cemetery reference and this is where the imagery takes you!

The sun is shining and today I am just overwhelmed with sticky gratitude. Joy for the seasons change, the thrill of sighting of wild animal in their habitat.

Last week I watched a squirrel skitter up the side of a tree and dive down into a pile of leaves repeatedly. Each time recklessly flinging itself into the rustling leaves then flashing to the tree bark to make sure I had not used its distraction as an opportunity to close the distance between us. The exercise was repeated for several minutes until it determined I was not a bloodthirsty predator hungry for squirrels and felt bold enough to cuss me out. I got the point and walked on leaving it to enjoy the fall without having to keep looking over its shoulder.

Today is Diwali and after last night’s celebrations, fireworks, chai, samosas, and good friends, it truly feels like New Year’s Day. I’m sleepy, reflective, and hungover but in a satisfying way that is the essence of mid-30’s life. In this new year I hope to live more wildly and wholeheartedly. To follow the example of a foul mouthed squirrel and dare to have fun, even in the face of unknown danger. I want to live for the moment and if a negative force looms tell it to move on in no uncertain terms. There is fun to be had here and I am going to live it!

Isn’t that what visiting cemeteries is all about anyway?