Holding Space

One of the lessons I am learning and re-learning is the imperative nature of self-care. Taking care of ourselves well is our first and primary responsibility. In an active life it is easy to loose track of doing the things that nurture and support ourselves. We fall behind with dental appointments, forget to reschedule a salon visit, and before we realize it we’re feeling stressed, overwhelmed, and tired by the prospect of tackling all of the responsibilities we have in our lives.

Today instead of writing out strategies to stay ahead or accomplish more – I am holding space for you. Instead of writing a blog for you to read I am giving you back the time you might have used to read this post. I compiled a list that is by no means all encompassing. It is simply a list of suggestions, ideas for self-care that you might not have considered or thought about recently. So, rather than reading something inspirational here – take the time that you typically invest in reading and give yourself the following gifts instead. Do one or maybe three if you’re feeling adventurous. Whatever you choose I hope it serves you, supports you, and makes you feel deeply cared for and appreciated.

  1. Take 5 deep breaths
  2. Call one person who always makes you laugh
  3. Pick up 3 things and put them away
  4. Floss
  5. Take a sip of water
  6. Do 5 circles with your head and then do them in the opposite direction
  7. Turn on your favorite song and have a dance party by yourself
  8. Close your eyes and count to 10
  9. Have a snack
  10. Set a timer and daydream for 5 minutes

These are small practices that serve you. I hope you and enjoy them and know they are here whenever you need a break!

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With Age There is Beauty

Always remember with age there is beauty. These lovely words were sent to me on the eve of my birthday. Such simple and elegant phrasing. To me it means many things. The beauty of waking, living to see and savor a new day is itself a blessing for which I am grateful. The simple joy of getting to know oneself more deeply, honestly, and intuitively. The glory of seeing beauty in ourselves and the power that comes from what we have learned and gained in another year, a single trip around the sun.

When I was younger there used to be goals that I would set with intention on my birthday. The goals typically included plans for a fancy party, a list of people I wanted to celebrate with and see. As I grow up I find the gifts I want to give to myself are much simpler, this year it is grace. I am doing more of the things that bring me joy these days. Living my truth and savoring the cool breezes wafting over my skin. I am practicing vulnerability and honesty. I am staying grounded in my own truth and considering first my values and intentions before considering another person. 

There is beauty in age. I am not so easily distracted, though sometimes I am almost certain the universe is pressing my buttons intentionally. I am learning what I need to take care of myself, to make my home a more peaceful place, to make my days more impactful and meaningful for myself. I am learning every day how to love myself and my people more deeply. When I do this I feel proud of myself. I feel like I am showing up and engaging in life the way I want to, the way my best self would. And that is encouraging and uplifting. I don’t get it right every time, I am a constant work in progress, but every day I get it a little more right and little closer to my goal, a little more open, a little more honest, a little better at being my truest and purest self in all situations, conversations, and places. What a gift, there is beauty in age. It is a gift that I am truly grateful to receive. 

There is also time to settle in and be still. Age is also a reminder that with time comes patience and the wisdom to stop the hustle, avoid the grind, and just be present with ourselves. For me that takes shape as meditation, walks in the woods, and staring out over bodies of water. This care for myself is also care for the world. And while it is productive it is not a forward momentum. It is a calm and present noticing. Not accomplishing or pursuing something new but sitting with myself in gratitude for where I am now, what I have now, and how fortunate I am to be in this moment to drink in this joy, to be so loved and filled with life. With age comes beauty and if we never sit still, we might miss it! What a gift, what wisdom, I am humbled and grateful.