Open Heartedness

Letting energy flow through you.

“If your heart is open it can’t be broken.” This statement was given to me by a stranger in passing. This mantra marks a lovely moment of synchronicity in my life. When the student is ready, the teacher appears. I didn’t know this person and after this moment I have never seen or heard from her again. And yet her gentle teaching has stayed with me for years.

Today I was reminded of this lesson as I did a grounding meditation. The purpose of the meditation is to bring life back into focus so we’re not scrambling after every small offense or ruminating on any particular situation too long. Overthinking be gone!

As I did the breath exercises I remembered that part of this lesson has to do with our desire to hold on to our emotions, anger, frustrations, or even joy. We can’t hold onto these things unless we wish for them to go toxic. Much like grains of sand, the tighter we squeeze the faster they slip through our fingers. Therefore, as I did this exercise I released. I let go of trying to control or understand. This released the desire to manage the outcome and by doing so I am no longer ruminating. I am free to enjoy my day, free to savor the present moment, and write freely.

And that’s the word that stands out – free. When we let love, energy, emotion, etc. pass through us, as welcome visitors, we get to enjoy them in the moment. When we attempt to hold on too long we are left clinging to a shadow of that experience. Letting things flow through our lives frees us to embrace the transitory nature of life. Therefore when we are having fun or experience joy, we savor it. Just as when we suffer it too will not last. Remembering the temporary nature of life is frees us to enjoy the good and endure the bad. With open hearts we accept the love poured into us and remain open when love leaves for whatever comes next. 

Trusting ourselves and the universe begins by listening to our own inner voices. When we trust that more will come, we do not need to hang on for dear life. Our open heart knows there will be more joy, more laughter, more friendship. We do not need to cling to what we have and we do not need to own it. There is nothing that we own in life – least of all our emotional state or those we love. Without ownership there is no responsibility to manage or control.

Therefore it is with an open heart I wish you a beautiful day full of love, ease, comfort, laughter, and faith. My hope is that you try allowing everything to flow through you rather than into you. Ride the waves rather than being worn away slowly like a rock. Even the thought is liberating. Those mountains you are carrying you were only meant to climb. Let’s stop carrying undue burdens and weighing ourselves down with obstacles. Let us instead choose to free ourselves and let the universe take care of the rest. As they say in yoga class – Namaste. 


We’ve all seen the inspirational meme to envision your highest self and then show up as them in your daily life. Well, what if instead of just showing up as that person we also behaved as if the world were doing exactly as we envisioned it was capable at its highest and best. Vibrating in that realm of better and better performance. How would that shift our energy? How would that shift how we feel each day? If the news and the world and the people that surround us reflected their best and most honest selves back at us? How would that look?

To me, the world would look like equity, anti-racism, and the general abundance of “isn’t this wonderful?” The feeling would be nurturing, whole, and loving. The energy that it espoused would be affirmation, justice, and confidence – and not just for me as an individual but for humans as a species. The conversations of today would be moot as instead of debating over do you or do you not believe X, the conversations would be about, how can we do what we do well already even better? Coming from a place of growth and the mutual understanding that we want what is best for ourselves and each other. The mutual and rich respect for our fellow human beings based on humanity, generosity of spirit, and love. 

My highest self is an orchestrator in that world. My highest self is a coach, one who empowers others, lifting as I rise, someone who motivates the youth of our world to find flaws that they may improve upon them. My highest self is an educator is someone invited to share wisdom and wonder. Someone who appreciates the great and small among us and leaves a legacy of community, the breadth of which the world has never seen before, but will again because of the gifts I have shared, the lessons we have learned together, and the generosity with which we shared them with each other and the world. 

This space is dedicated to that highest power, that highest, purest, and most beautiful vision for who we are and what we can be together. It is dedicated to that dream or utopia and those striving to reach it. May this space be one of safety, support, empathy, vulnerability, and love. May we co-create this vision and thrive in the beauty that is possible by living as if it were already here today.

Welcome and Namaste.