Three Little Luxuries to Level Up Your Self-Care Routine

Coco Chanel once said, “Luxury that is not comfortable, is not luxury.” Some of the most elegant and delicious luxuries I can imagine are not the height of fashion but rather the height of comfort.

Investing in personal comforts is a pleasure I delight in and feel no guilt in indulging. Not to suggest I invest a paycheck in expensive baubles but I do spend on the things that bring me joy. When I feel tended to and taken care of it brings my day to day up a level. I invest in my own comfort and the things that make my daily routine feel special. I’ve pulled together a list of some of the really fabulous investments I have made in self-care, little luxuries that make everyday routines feel like a treat and leave me feeling like a decadent heiress.

Hotel robes – Have you ever stayed at a resort and cuddled up in a luscious and rich robe? The indulgence of slipping into something cozy, buttery, and clean just feels like the personification of wealth. I bought one of those! I shopped around like crazy and waited until I had saved up and then for Valentine’s Day I surprised my partner with a set, monogramed with our initials, because if it isn’t monogramed is it even really yours? Now my bathing ritual feels decadent and expensive and somedays I linger just a little bit longer in my robe because it does feel so fabulous. Full disclosure – I’d be lying if I told you I didn’t write this in my robe just to be sure I got the sensory expressions documented accurately.

Bath Soak – I feel like as women whenever a relative isn’t sure what to buy us they throw some bath bombs in a bag and call it a day. Now, I am not one to complain about gifts, I love them and delight in the sweet surprises that friends and family see fit to bestow upon me. However, more often than not the bath bombs look beautiful, bubbly, and fun but when I use them my skin feels dried out and greasy instead of refreshed. Therefore, I share the bombs with my kiddos so they can play and keep a little something special for myself. On days when I just want to refresh I use epsom salts to cleanse and clean my skin but on days when my skin is in need of nourishment I soak in Origins Ginger Bath Soak, they used to have a thicker formula that I swore by in my early 20’s but like all good things Origins has refined and matured with age, giving me a gentle and gel-like soapy soak that leaves even calloused feet softer and sweet smelling.

Insulated water bottles – I don’t know about you but I love ice cold water, I know, very American of me. I prefer it and feel refreshed when my water is frigid. One of the best investments I have made has been in an insulated water bottle the keeps my drinks cold all day. The ice cubes still crunch 8 hours later – not that the water lasts that long – but on days when I have been guzzling water out of glasses or when I bring the water bottle to bed at night I awake in the morning to a fresh, cold, water which in my book is the height of luxury, especially when compared to tepid day old water that sits on my nightstand collecting dust. The cap twists shut and gives me exactly what makes me feel most pampered, ice cold water, first thing in the morning.

I’m sure if I thought more I could come up with several other ideas for keeping myself feeling good, healthy, and well cared for but tell me about what you do! Are there some daily gifts you give to yourself to make the mundane seem special? Any suggestions for how to up my game? I’m looking forward to getting some new ideas and inspiration from you!