Stepping into Power

There is power in stepping into what you believe that you are worth. Staying small and focusing only on what we think is possible for us and in our lives serves no one. It’s a form of settling. This acceptance of less than we truly desire or rightfully believe we deserve is unnecessary. I don’t have an anecdote to share other than the feeling that every time I step into my power I immediately begin drawing to myself the attention and the people I truly want and need in my life.

It is as simple and as hard as arriving as exactly who you are. And it is going to cause some people to reject your ideas and what you stand for and that’s ok. Those people are not for you. Let them sort themselves out of your life as quickly as possible. Avoid the wishy-washy or the weak. You want the people who share your vision and who are able to build you up on your journey.

I remember the poem Masks by Shel Silverstein:

She had blue skin,

And so did he.

He kept it hid And so did she.

They searched for blue

Their whole life through,

Then passed right by-

And never knew. 

Do not wear a mask for the sake of fitting in. You were never meant to fit in. You are meant to stand out. Stand out proudly, bravely, beautifully and uniquely. Seek your people. Find your place. Do not settle for what is mediocre or what you feel like might be easier to manage. There is more for you in the world. Trust the universe and trust in yourself.

As Beyonce says, “If I’m going to bet on anyone, it’s going to be myself!” Bet on you. Choose you. And be you proudly. And have the satisfaction of knowing that the people around you are with you because they love and value you, not because you presented them with a vision of who they were or a costume to fit in. Be yourself. Go forth and Set the world on fire!

Building Mental Strength

I have been thinking a lot lately about how the muscles we exercise are the muscles that we strengthen. When we focus on our arms or legs we first increase flexibility, endurance, and then begin to see gains. Increases in our ability to lift or move larger objects. The endurance to run longer distances without overexertion. The ability to work harder, longer, faster, etc. All of these capabilities that were not ours at the outset of our exercise become easier for us. This happens too with our mental strength and resilience.  

I’m realizing that as I observe and take in information that is primarily negative that these are the mental muscles I am choosing to exercise. When my perspective is of judgement, suspicion, or worst case scenario that is what will likely appear. As I look for the negative I will find it. Much as if I look for the positive I would find evidence of that. The choice is ours of what perspective we decide to bring to our interactions. Am I looking for help, hope, and optimism? OR am I looking for judgement, hurt, and negativity? 

When we fixate on the negative or worst case scenario those are the thought patterns we encourage to grow. This happens easily when we fixate on negative news, or patterns. However, we can give ourselves grace as the pursuit of any goal takes time. As we work toward any goal – writing a book, painting, or yoga – we give our attention to that goal. The more time and energy we devote the better we get at that activity. As we focus our attention we learn more. Testing theories and learning from our mistakes.

The mental muscles and the patterns that I want to strengthen are those focused on drawing joy, hope, generosity, light and love into my life. I do that by being attentive to those patterns. By shifting my focus from, “What is wrong with this picture,” to “What is going right here?” Or better yet, “How can I improve this picture?” 

With a renewed and optimistic perspective I am striving to make a positive impact not just in my own life but also in the world. This mental strength shift requires intention and attention. It also requires that I do the work of looking for the good in others, in myself, and in the world. It means that my mental strengths need to shift from judgment to support and aid. With time we will start to see the good things first in one another and ourselves.

Let’s try a new mental workout routine to shift our perspectives from disengaged boredom to being the change we wish to see in the world. I hope you will join me.