Resolutions and Goals: A Template

Resolutions and Goals: A Template

Today I want to share some of my plans for the new year to give us all a jump start. I actually wrote this goal template years ago in a journal and reference it throughout the year as the mood strikes me. Over the past decade I have found these goals to be a timeless guide to help me stay on track and grow in any direction I choose. I hope this goal outline does the same for you as they are designed to be supportive not restrictive. Please make it your own goal outline and add or remove whatever pieces suit you and your life best! 


  • Massage Quarterly
  • Yoga Weekly
  • Meditation Daily


  • Make time for reciprocal relationships
  • Prioritize my partner/ family first


  • Do what I love on my own terms
  • Be engaged, excited, and challenged by my work


  • Read (I track my reading list here on Goodreads) 
  • Take training courses that inspire and teach me new things Monthly


  • Meditate
  • Go on retreat – full disclosure, this stays on the list but I haven’t gone on “retreat,” since high school 🙂 Beach vacations count as does anything that inspires awe!


  • Plan your Joy
  • Make time to have fun together


  • Invest wisely
  • Pay off debts
  • Make a Plan for the Future – This plan changes annually as we reach goals we celebrate and then make new ones!

Happy planning, I hope this little list serves you as it does me! Best wishes for a New Year full of all that you dream and more!