Build Your Dream

Be still and the Universe will bring the right people and the right opportunities into your life. Do your amazing work, bloom exactly where you are planted. Focus on yourself and your own calling. Do not be distracted as distraction is your test. You never know what opportunities will show up on your doorstep and the best way to prepare for these moments is to do your own work and mind your own business. Stay true to the work you are doing and build your dream. 

When you are doing the work that you are chosen and called to perform synchronicity clicks into place. Utilize your creativity. Work at the top of your intelligence. The universe conspires for your success. 

Like water our role is simply to follow the path of least resistance. Water flows to sea level following the easiest route it can find. Water does not run uphill but wears away obstacles with the patience of time. What a fantastic example for how to pursue your goals! Do what makes sense and what comes next. Simply do the the next right thing, whatever that is for you. By doing those things that you know rather than waiting for direction, or for some decree on high, you communicate to the universe that you are ready. You have found your vibration. 

Do not wait until someone instructs you or gives you permission, give yourself those gifts. Simply do what you already know comes next, take ownership and responsibility for your own work.

Building a dream can be challenging but it should never feel like you’re working against the grain – go with your gut and do your best. Pursue your dreams doggedly but do not give yourself or your power to someone else. Always put yourself, your goals, and your plans first.

If you do not pursue your own dreams there is always someone willing to pay you to help them achieve theirs. If you must work for someone else, do so with full knowledge that you are getting them and their goals ahead. And when you are ready to pursue your own projects give the same attention and effort to your own work. If possible give more, because your work deserves your best. After all your work is a representation of you out in the world. Build your dream. Show it. Shine a light on it. You are worthy of love and attention!