Do Less

The key to having more is wanting less. Consumed by progress and momentum, we often loose sight of the fact that where we are used to be a dream. Consider where you are right now and trust that you are exactly where you are needed. It is necessary for you to be here right now. Can you do less? Be less? Accept where you are and resist the temptation to ask for more.

As human beings we are forever growing and changing. As Americans we are forever consuming and capitalizing on opportunities. We live in a consumerist society. Our purchases are made from big name stores. Our homes reflect the images we see on HGTV. The best wisdom I have heard on this is from author Thrity Umrigar. She said, “By the time your kitchen is finished the style will be outdated. It only makes sense to only do what you like anyway.” 

How many times do we finally nail down a style only to find that it is no longer popular? The answer is not to stay ahead of fashions or buy more. The answer is simply to consume less. Style changes, taste is forever. We continue to emulate Coco Chanel’s style and she was just copying the nuns in the convent where she was raised. True elegance is finding your own style and sticking with it.

We do not need more stuff to be relevant or worthy. Focusing on lack gives us all a feeling of inadequacy. We fear that we have done so little and blame ourselves for not having achieved or accomplished more. What if instead of convincing ourselves that where we are is less than where we want to be we appreciate all the work that we did to get here? We worked hard to arrive in this place. It is not perfect and that is ok, but this moment is something special.

Oprah tells us that when we celebrate more we find more to celebrate. Take the time to celebrate yourself and all the you have done to reach this place. You don’t have to get anywhere else. You don’t have to achieve or purchase anything more. Don’t do one more thing today until you feel fully the pleasure of being here. Savor it. Enjoy it. Do less. There is nothing further that you need to do. This is enough. You are enough. Isn’t it wonderful?

Abundance Mindset

How shifting our focus can change our lives.

I am returning to a reflection on abundance. Lately I feel as if I have been living in fear and fear causes our minds to shrink. That’s not accurate, fear causes our attention to hyper focus and so instead of seeing the multitude of options we see only escape routes. Our instinctual fight, flight, or freeze responses shift us from an abundance mindset to fear. And fear only sees the immediate necessities. Which is what enables us to make snap decisions in fear but not always the best decisions. 

The Opposite of fear

An abundance mindset is almost the opposite of fear. This perspective relaxes us and enables us to see not just the next step but all of our options. Abundance teaches us that we do not need one solution or strategy, there are so many options to choose from. With an abundance mindset we see plentiful resources, a multitude of paths and strategies. We are not trapped and seeking the quickest escape, we are surrounded by bounty and we have the luxury of tasting it all.

Abundance reminds us that we are not in danger, there is time, and there is enough for us all. The abundance of stars, plants, trees, and grains of sand are only physical examples of the bounty within the universe and on our planet. New people are born every day, new ideas and discoveries made, and the opportunities for us forever multiplying. More books are being written than we could ever read and more puppies being born than we could ever pet. There is so much in the world for us to enjoy. There is enough for all of us.

Changing Our Lives

Shifting my mindset to abundance gives me the space to create and breathe with ease. I am not in a rush. That which is meant for me will find me, it will not pass me by. Just as I am seeking my goals, my goals are seeking me. I am doing the exact right thing and I am making the right choices. My only responsibility is to step towards my goals so that they may also step toward me.

The more grateful we are for what we have, the more we invite abundance to help us grow. As our perspectives become more expansive we allow ourselves to become wealthy in opportunities, joy, connection, and health. In abundance we see a plethora of options and we get to select those things that please us most.

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