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ANNOUNCING: Worth the Wait

January 3, 2023

Today mark’s my godmother’s birthday and while she is not with us any longer I always make a point to say a little prayer for her on this day. My godmother was the owner of the most extensive romance collection I have ever seen. She had a bookmark she embroidered with, “I read smut.” And she reveled in spicy books and fantasy. It is with her in mind that I want to share that I have been working on my own little tribute to romance. It’s one of those books that I didn’t know I was writing until I had to get it out. Ten hours of writing on day one and eight on day two! When inspiration strikes I dutifully follow. 

Aside from some tender fingers after holding the pen that long – sometimes longhand is the only way – this book has been an absolute delight to write. Therefore, instead of waiting to publish this piece in novel form, which I will do later this year, the release date is planned for November 11, 2023, I will also be publishing the novel as a serial on Kindle Vella starting on February 14, 2023 – because Romance! Therefore, it is with much love and without further ado, I introduce you to Worth the Wait, my first romance novel. And as several readers of my last two books have already commented – Finally! 

The book is not a slow burn so get ready to be surprised and delighted by plot twists and adventure right at the start! There is folly and reflection, longing that fortunately for readers – happens all before the story begins. We’re diving in just when it gets interesting. 

We don’t have a cover yet so please enjoy this photo of my Godmother and me in the rain – the book is set in England so, appropriate.

Emily Linley returns to her family home, Maple House, just an hour outside of London for her beloved Uncle Charlie’s funeral. While there her mother asks a favor – in order to avoid some unfavorable press of her own would Emily mind causing a scene with her childhood best friend and current international pop star, Harry Orton. Harry, roguish and never one to shy away from attention, is more than happy to oblige. But after a few days of tabloid pursuits, and frantic kisses, Emily is confronted at her home by Harry’s American girlfriend, a film star and world class manipulator Laney Pabst. Before Emily and Harry have a chance to decide what to do next, Emily’s ex and current coworker at Sotheby’s, Westley Cadogah, the future Earl of Southhampton, comes knocking. Emily’s mother sent him in to assist in the evaluation of Uncle Charlie’s estate. 

Emily is left stunned and reeling. Is she in love with Harry? Is it misplaced grief? Does she honor her longing to be with Harry, knowing that what she loves about him may no longer be possible because of his career? She has a quiet home and enjoys the solitude and private life that she has built on her own terms. A life that Westley already fits seamlessly into and is eager to share with her. Or does she let go of the life she has to chase the excitement and adventure as the partner of a rock star? Find out what Emily chooses and if she finds Harry or Westley Worth the Wait

Treading Water, my second novel, launched July 1, 2022! To get the story as a serial please visit Kindle Vella. If you love it, please review on Amazon – it helps the algorithm and me.

Amy Sharpe has worked hard to make her way to a V.P. Position at an elite financial firm. Everything has gone to plan until now. Her company is unexpectedly bought out. Her father is diagnosed with cancer. And her notoriously unreliable lover takes a job traveling the world.

In the absence of normalcy Amy finds comfort with her best friend Janelle. But when she discovers she’s pregnant all of Amy’s plans go out the window.

Will she stay with her wealthy and absent lover, Alex? Or risk raising her child alone and pursuing the love she dreams of with Josh? In the midst of chaos Alex goes missing and Amy is the prime suspect. Will she be able to save herself and her child or is she only treading water until the next wave comes?

Treading Water, published by Weiss Press July 2022.

Lilly Carter is a driven young woman striving to escape the shadow of her mother’s alcoholism. She has set the goal of building and selling a company before she graduates college. A scholarship to Vanderbilt University gives her the opportunity to focus on her goals.

Her new life will force her to either overcome her demons or risk be pulled back into the drama. Lilly finds love, friendship, and opportunity in Nashville but once she seems to have it all, is it what she wants?

Change of Plans, published by Weiss Press in 2016.

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